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Diane Kingsley RD LDN

Diane Kingsley RD LDN , is a Licensed and Registered Dietitian as well as Licensed Massage therapist. She has over 20 years experience in the field of nutrition with a special focus on weight management, diabetic education and addiction and recovery. Diane has helped thousands of people experience optimal health and well-being with her guidance and expertise. She looks at every facet of a person's health and well-being in order to facilitate a true and lasting healing.

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About this course

The Mediterranean SLIM Down Plan is a way of life that teaches you the tools to feed your life and lose the weight through nutrition, stress management, positive empowerment, and exercise. Licensed and Registered Dietitian Diane Kingsley RD LDN will take you on an exciting and fun 8 week journey of learning to take back your power when it comes to your health and well being. You will be inspired and empowered to make lasting changes to transform every area of your life.

Through the SLIM Plan, Jessica was able to lose 10 lbs and 6 inches in her waist in only 6 weeks and has now gotten down to her weight loss goal of 130lbs,  20lbs down in total!  "I couldn't be more proud of myself and my body. Thank you to Diane Kingsley for helping me with my meals and for helping me to make lifestyle changes."

Join thousands of others like Byron who not only lost 75lbs with the SLIM plan,  he was also able to come off of many of his medications. Byron has been able to not only lose the weight while still enjoying the foods he loves, he has been able to maintain his weight loss for over a year now.

Diets do not work, that is why the Mediterranean  SLIM Plan teaches you how to eat in a delicious healthy way that you can sustain for the rest of your life. This plan is a perfect fit for your busy schedule and lifestyle with proven effective ways to lose weight. Best of all, this is not a diet and is easy to follow allowing you to eat real food with a focus on fruits, vegetables and lean protein. 

You will learn about cravings and how to squash them, emotional eating and what the triggers can be and how to break the emotional-food cycle. You will even learn about what foods naturally help you to produce dopamine and serotonin, helping you to feel amazing! You will be working with licensed and registered dietitians to learn how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

The Mediterranean SLIM Down Plan truly gives you all the tools you need to be successful in your journey to good health! What are you waiting for? Make the choice to embark on this incredible journey to change your life today! 

-Diane Kingsley RD LDN